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Being Thankful is More Than Thanksgiving

Why is it Important to be Thankful? This time of year, we focus on being thankful for this one day a year, Thanksgiving. We go around the table and say the same thing, “I’m thankful for my family, friends, and good fortune”. But why don’t we give thanks for everything in our life the rest of the year, too? Being thankful for what you have, year-round, keeps you aware of how lucky you are and helps you appreciate all you have in your life that others may not have the fortune of knowing. Here at Every Day Gun Guy, we practice thankfulness with the intent of bringing you the best shopping experience possible, so we wanted to take the time to share some of the things we are most thankful for, year-round.  We are Thankful for Time Toget...  Read More

How to Pick Your First Firearm

How Do You Go About Choosing Your First Firearm? If you have made the decision recently that you are ready to purchase your first firearm, you likely have a lot of questions, primarily: how do you go about choosing your first firearm? It is a very important decision to make, since firearms are not cheap and since they are primarily purchased for self-defense. Here at Every Day Gun Guy we strive to provide you with better than competitive pricing on guns, ammunition, and firearm accessories, as well as knowledge to set you up for success with your gun ownership. Let’s discuss how to go about choosing your first firearm by answering some important questions. Why are You Buying a Firearm? Your reason for purchasing your first firearm i...  Read More

How do You Properly Hold a Handgun? | Every Day Gun Guy

How Do You Properly Hold a Handgun? Any responsible gun owner knows that properly handling a firearm is an important part of owning one. Any gun enthusiast who does not currently own a firearm but plans to buy one should make sure they know how to hold and operate them properly before buying one for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Here at Every Day Gun Guy we are a Texas gun store comprised of firearm advocates who promote the safe and proper handling of guns. Today we’d like to discuss the proper way to hold a handgun. Make Sure the Gun isn’t Loaded When first reaching for your gun, assume that it is loaded. This mindset will get you in the habit of always checking and clearing the gun. Always point it away from y...  Read More